We provide a choice of Autodiagnos™ TPMS Tools to allow shops to optimize their TPMS investment.

The Autodiagnos™ D TPMS Tool provides a complete TPMS service, TPMS diagnostic, and tire service capability. If you’ll have only one TPMS Tool in your shop, this is the one to have.

The Autodiagnos™ SE TPMS Tool is a great choice if you have multiple bays. The SE Tool provides fast, easy-to-use TPMS service and coverage for all passenger vehicle OE sensors and the most popular aftermarket sensors.

For multiple-bay shops consider at least one D TPMS Tool plus as many SE TPMS Tools as your workload requires. Both tools’ flow supports individual repair facility’s service repair process, and both support TPMS and tire service features from the main screen that do not require vehicle specific configurations.

Trigger / Relearn functionalityTPMS SETPMS D
Triggers OE sensors for all cars; Domestic, European, Asian
TPMS relearn coverage for 98.6% of domestic, Asian and European passenger vehicles
Provides TPMS ECU relearn procedures including indirect / direct / manual
OBD-II relearns in under 2 minutes – transfer IDs via OBD-II to eliminate manual relearn steps (available for most domestic and European vehicles).
Unlock ECU for Toyota, Lexus, Scion
Sync- ID technology (OBD-II routines for Ford, Mitsubishi, Suzuki, and others)
Sensor programming functionalityTPMS SETPMS D
Sensor programming coverageLimited to Schrader EZ-Sensor.
No upgrade possible
Schrader EZ Sensor and 20 other aftermarket sensor brands
Program / Clone sensors by: OBD; retrieve IDs; TPMS ID input; wheel set (up to 5 wheels)
Retrieves ID from ECU
Manual ID entry function
Programs sensors from historical data
Additional functionsTPMS SETPMS D
Built-in TPMS service help and training – provides comprehensive TPMS relearn procedures
Displays OBD-II locations on tool screen
Read, edit, and write placard values to the ECU to accommodate custom tires
Unique graphical user interface that allows for tool use in a variety of lighting conditions and is easily read in sunlight.
Tests Remote Key Entry (RKE)
Stores records of vehicles serviced

(all / select)
Indicates OE sensor and service kit part numbers
Displays all sensors data (pressure, battery, temp, ID, frequency)
Retrieves and decodes TPMS DTC information on applicable vehicles
Multi-lingual, 18+ languages – comprehensive TPMS technical support
Retrieve and diagnose TPMS DTC codes
Wi-Fi capable – update Tool software and download the latest vehicle applications - upload service records to PC
Built-in VIN barcode scanner to select Make-Model-Year in seconds (US only)
Compatible accessoriesTPMS SETPMS D
Tread depth meter – creates on-screen report - helps sell needed tires and worn front end replacementsOptional
Hardware & SoftwareTPMS SETPMS D
Display2.75” LCD screen4.3” LCD screen
OBD-II moduleOBD connectivity via cable / moduleOBD connectivity via cable / module
Dual RF antenna (315/433 MHz)
Protective rubber sleeve
Drop tested to, (x ft., Xm.). Intrusion rating5 ft /1.52m
6ft / 1.83m
Soft touch keyboard
SD card stores 65k jobs in the tool and on PC
Wi-Fi capable to synchronize jobs to PC, update software
Carrying case for transport and storage