Continental Autodiagnos
TPMS D Tool with 24 REDI-Sensors

SKU# 2910002560100


Get complete TPMS service, TPMS diagnostics, and tire management capabilities with the Autodiagnos™ TPMS D Tool. Read, diagnose and configure 100% of OE and aftermarket TPMS sensors. Perform TPMS reset via OBD-II on more than 60% of cars in North America. Get easy software and application data updates via Wi-Fi or through a PC-based update manager. The optional digital tire tread depth gauge helps boost tire sales.

  • Relearns TPMS sensors to the vehicle in less than 2 minutes.
  • Fast make-model-year look-up via built-in VIN scanner.
  • Triggers all OEM sensors, displays all sensor data.
  • Relearns REDI-Sensor™ TPMS sensors to the vehicle.
  • Programs EZ-sensor® and relearns them to the vehicle.
  • Retrieve and clear TPMS DTC codes.
  • Displays OBD-II data link connector location on tool screen.
  • Provides direct (OBD, auto, manual) and indirect TPMS relearn procedures.
  • Program/Clone sensors by: OBD; retrieve IDs; copy sensors sets; sensor ID input.
  • Unlocks ECU for Toyota, Lexus, Scion.
  • Displays all sensor data on tool screen.
  • Retrieves and decodes TPMS DTC information on applicable vehicles.
  • Tests signal strength on remote keyless entry (RKE) fobs.
  • Indicates OE sensor and service kit part numbers (OE and aftermarket).
  • Built-in TPMS service help and training.
  • Multi-lingual, 18+ languages.
  • Comprehensive TPMS technical support.
  • In addition to REDI-Sensor™ and EZ-sensor® TPMS D Tool reads, diagnoses, and configures 20 aftermarket sensor brands:
    • REDI Sensor™
    • EZ-sensor®
    • BH-Sens (UVS/ECS)
    • 5001 Dill
    • 5002 Dill
    • Alligator
    • Napa Echlin (Qwik and Cloneable)
    • Standard Motor (Qwik and Cloneable)
    • PDQ
    • RTX
    • S.U.R.E.
    • Alpha
    • U-PRO
    • Mobiletron
    • EZ PRO IT
    • TYC
    • Steelman Select
    • Dorman Direct Fit
    • Orange

D Tool Kit Includes:

  • Autodiagnos™ TPMS D Tool 
  • OBD-II module / connection cable
  • Relearn magnet 
  • Hard carry case 
  • Continental CD 
  • Charging cable 
  • Update cable 
  • 24 REDI-Sensor™ TPMS Sensors:
    • (4) SE10005
    • (4) SE10008 
    • (8) SE10006
    • (8) SE10007